Aspire - Perspire - Inspire : Guide to better Photography

August 08, 2020 03 : 00 PM to 04 : 00 PM

How to get better at Photography

Good photograph is the harvest of an observant eye and consistency in photography is the product of practice. In this session, I will be taking you on my decade long journey in photography - from my days of D3100 to the present with D6.


We all are learners. We slowly but surely qualify ourselves up the ladder of this art - from mediocre content to begin with, we elevate ourselves to creating stunning imagery. 

But the art of making the fat pixel sing comes with a process and this session would reveal my secrets on how I got under the skin of the art to persistently push my game forward. From composition to light to approach and more - this session will touch all the important aspects at getting better photographs. See you there...

Subodh Shetty

IG - @subodhshettyy

Workshop is not available anymore