April 26, 2022 08 : 00 PM to 10 : 00 PM


4 classes in series

April 5th,12th, 19th, 26th 8-10pm


Week#1-Introduction followed The Emotional Messages of LINES

Week#2-The Emotional Messages of TEXTURES

Week#3-The Emotional Messages of SHAPE and FORM

Week#4-The Emotional Messages of PATTERN and COLOR



The Art of Seeing

“Adjectives NOT Nouns”


Are you having trouble ‘seeing’?  Do you often find yourself heading out the door with the intention of capturing some really compelling image only to come back empty-handed?  Are you often capturing nouns and NOT the adjectives? Are you long on ideas but short on execution?


What is the most common problem EVERY photographer faces in everyday composition?  What is the symbolism of the horizontal frame?  When is the best time to shoot a vertical composition? 


How does LINE, TEXTURE, PATTERN, SHAPE, FORM and COLOR influence compositional arrangements?  Do you undertstand the psychologoy of thick lines versus thin lines? What does your use of texture, say about you? What is your favorite COLOR? Did you know that every color we see is actually ‘rejected color’? Why are you so attracted to diagonal lines? What two ‘tricks’ can be used over and over in creating compelling landscape compositions?  What is the ONE compositional flaw many photographers fail to overcome when shooting with their wide angle lenses?   What is meant by ‘visual weight’ of tones, colors and lines?  What area of the frame needs ALL of your attention, yet it always gets overlooked?  Do you ‘see’ the potential in imagining the world as being out of focus? 


Does the ‘rule of thirds’, the Greek Mean, the Golden Section or whatever you choose to call ‘effective composition’really have to be adhered to? This slide-talk lecture is not only about jump-starting your vision with the promise of recording one compelling composition after another but it also promises to inspire you with unlimited possibilites! You will head out the door and feel compelled to shoot and shas you are you are made aware of the vast potential that exists once you turn away from the nouns and recognize the greater potential of the adjective.   


Bryan is convinced that inside your camera bag a virtual gold mine of compelling compositions awaits, once you fully embrace the unique vision of each of your lenses. Learning how your lenses ‘see’ is essential and vitally imporant to applying the basic principles of compositon.  As you will discover, ANY subject can be turned into a compelling shot, no matter how mundane, IF you apply the vast and creative principles that are offered in this lecture on seeing creatively!


This slide talk/lecture is comprised of more than 400 before and after, good/better/best examples and also includes more than 20 On-Location ‘real-life’ videos where you will see Bryan at work, “creating adjectives, from nouns.” Much of Bryan’s presentation in this slide/talk/video lecture is based on his four best-selling books, Learning to See Creatively and Understanding Color, Understanding Exposure and Understanding Portrait Photography


Following each weekly Zoom slide/talk session, every student will be given the same assignment. Each student will then send their TWO images that they feel best represents that week’s assignment directly to Bryan’s email address: All assignment images are due no later than the upcoming Sunday evening, 11pm, Dubai Time, (five days following the Tuesday Zoom slide/talk)

Beginning with Week#2, Bryan will first present the Zoom slide/talk/video lecture and then he will do a live critique of everyone’s assignment images. All sessions will begin on Tuesday’s, promptly at 8pm, Dubai time and one should plan to set aside no less than 90-minutes for each of the four Tuesday evenings.

Workshop is not available anymore