October 14, 2021 06 : 00 PM to 09 : 00 PM


Capturing the Cosmos: A 3-Day free-of-charge workshop in Astrophotography, catered for advanced photographers who are seeking a clear understanding of what it takes to create breathtaking photos of the Milky Way and  the night skies. From planning the trip & shoots, to successfully capturing & composing the images. And finally how to bring the images to life with special advanced post processing techniques.


Workshop dates:

Day 1: Oct 14 – Zoom Session [Theory Session]

Day 2: Oct 15 – Offsite Desert Location [Practical Session]

Day 3: Oct 23 – MAS Theatre [Post-processing]


Day 1: Oct 14 – Zoom Session [Theory Session]

This session is more than just an introduction , It will take you through the different types of Astrophotgraphy ,and the related equipment. It will also give you a professional insight on how to plan your targets, plan your journey , setup your equipment , how to capture the celestial targets with different techniques and settings.


Day 2: Oct 15 – Offsite Desert Location [Practical Session]

See stars and galaxies as you have never seen them before on a photographic trip in the desert and sky of the emirates with Astrophotographer Samy Olabi and astronomers from New York university Abu Dhabi. Take the opportunity, learn, shoot, share your photos, and get a chance to win prizes.


Day 3: Oct 23 – MAS Theatre [Post-processing]

Post processing stage in astrophotography is the other half of the story , this is where you will bring your images to life with different advanced techniques. In this session Samy Olabi will go through the post processing of nightscape images , Panoramas , stacking and deep sky objects.


Capturing the Cosmos, produced by:

Manarat Al Saadiyat Photography Studio


Particle and Planetary Physics


In partnership with:

Al Sadeem Observatory

Nikon (Sponsor)


And Conducted by:

Samy Olabi (Instructor)


Winners will be selected for the best photos produced and certificates will be given to the participants who have attended the three session, signed by the instructor – Samy Olabi.

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