January 16, 2022 04 : 00 PM to 05 : 30 PM


Documentary photography is all about chronicling a subject and creating a narrative through your photographs. An untold story about certain environments or people can be expressed through a series of pictures. With your photos, you are not only telling stories that deserve to be told, but also documenting current history.


Documentary photography is a style of photography that provides a straightforward and accurate representation of people, places, objects and events, and is often used in reportage.


Join us to this journey led by Shahid Hashmi (IG: and learn the importance, techniques and style of Documentary photography. Shahid is a ravenous traveler and has travelled through Europe, Africa, Middle East, Melanesia, and the Indian subcontinent for over thirty-five years. During his travels, Shahid captures the immense beauty of our planet, its people & the incredible and untold stories of their everyday life. Each of these expeditions has been a unique challenge and a fulfilling experience for him.


Time and Date:

16th January 2022

4:00pm to 5:30pm OMAN | UAE

3:00pm to 4:30pm KENYA | QATAR | SAUDI | BAHRAIN | KUWAIT

2:00pm to 3:30pm EGYPT


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