September 17, 2021 04 : 30 PM to 06 : 30 PM

Cosplay photography may be relatively new in the world of photography, many may not even recognize it, but let us explore it during exciting practical session this Friday. Let us walk you through some tips on how to bring cosplay to life !

NOTE: Due to current restrictions, we are limiting the attendance to 20 people only. Please register only if you are really sure you can attend to give chance to other participants. Your understanding is appreciated.  The venue will be sent to your email once attendance is confirmed.  


Originally a Japanese abbreviation of "costume play," it refers to an international range of practices centered on dressing up, particularly but not exclusively fans' practice of constructing costumes based on anime and manga characters and donning them at conventions.But the cosplayer is really only half the equation: the other half is the photographer, and there is a strong sense that the photograph is the privileged end product of the entire enterprise. 

This two hour session will take you through the basics. 


Ops!, Sorry this workshop is currently full.