Jay Alonzo's Lighting Series

July 25, 2020 04 : 00 PM to 05 : 00 PM

The Beginner’s Guide To Lighting (As Applied To Food & eCommerce Product Photography)

 4:00-5:00PM (UAE time) , 25 JULY 2020

Number of Sessions: Three (Online Zoom ) 

Cost : US$ 0.00 

Session Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Commercial lighting for products and food may look simple but the moment you roll your sleeves and do it, it turns out to be not that easy after all. Jay Alonzo will guide you on how to set up your light in the simplest way possible, and still produce stellar results. If you want to make your subject look great so that customers would want it, then this is the online seminar for you.

Session 1: Intro to lighting and how it improve your photos

Session 2: Surefire lighting plan for products for e-commerce

Session 3: Simple lighting plan for food to make it look irresistible



You can check out the Instructors website at https://www.learnfromjaya.com/


A veteran of commercial photography, Jay Alonzo has spent 21 years in this field. His creative knack and camera savviness have brought him a long way, but it is his marketing background that really helps his images be truly communicative. His aim is to help a business grow rather than satisfy his own creative whims, but most times he finds it is a balancing of both.

His interest in photography was found in an unexpected place, the movie ‘Jaws’ by Steven Spielberg. It was the 1970’s and Jay found himself watching a scene where a diver encounters an underwater camera at sea. The diver then proceeds to process the film in a darkroom, revealing a picture of an attacking shark.

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