August 20, 2022 04 : 00 PM to 07 : 00 PM


Lifestyle Photography for a Brand on Social Media


Plan, shoot, and edit photographs that tell stories.


Learn how to create custom images and develop your own process and personal style for social media, whether to boost your own brand or your client's.


Behind every seemingly casual moment in a lifestyle photograph is a great deal of planning and attention to detail, from the model and their wardrobe to the location and timing. In this workshop, Elle Laine will teach you how to shoot and edit lifestyle photographs, as well as how to use social media to promote your personal or professional brand.


Photographer and Instagrammer Elle Laine ( | will show you her process in creating lifestyle photos, along with tips and secrets she's learned along the way in her career as a lifestyle and branding portrait photographer.


What will you learn in this workshop?

  • Learn how to plan, shoot, and edit candid photographs that captivate audiences and tell a story using a fun and easy approach.
  • Learn how to create custom images that match the brand's tone and style and add your signature personality.
  • A walk-through the kind of equipment and materials you need, defining a moodboard, how to professionally run a photoshoot and produce photos apt for the brand, and finally assemble a presentation
  • Learn how to correctly select and edit your images for social networks


Who is it for?

Creatives, community managers, social content creators and anyone who's getting started in the world of digital communication or wants to start a high-quality brand social account with lifestyle photos.


What do you need?

Basic notions of photography and image editing are necessary along with a good dose of artistic creativity.

As for materials, a camera is all you need.


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