Make Your Photo Speak Your Language

November 28, 2020 03 : 00 PM to 04 : 30 PM

They say A picture is worth a thousand words, in this 1 hour and a half long session Donell will take you through the process on how to take a picture that has a story and speak your emotions.

In this workshop, Donell will discuss ideas on how we need to have a much more active role in making our photographs, by paying attention to things like composition and lighting.  How to make decisions about where we stand, what we include in the frame, and at what time of day we shoot, we can exert a lot of control over our images and be more aware of each element in our photos.

He was awarded as Grand Prize Winner for Travel Photo Awards Remote Expedition 2020 in London, UK & Paris, France. He is also the 1st Place Winner of the Fine Art Photo Awards in London, UK 2020, In 2019, he amassed several awards across the globe, including Photographer of the Year at the Spider Awards Black & White in the United States, Gold award at the Prix de la Photographie Paris, France and another Gold award at the Tokyo Foto Awards. His work was voted as Best Cover Asian Geographic Magazine Covers for 20 years in 2019, and his images were also exhibited in New York, Italy, London, Tokyo, Spain, Germany, Australia, and across the GCC.

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