July 10, 2021 04 : 00 PM to 05 : 30 PM


We are all after the ‘perfect’ exposure, right? But how exactly do we define this. The truth is, what is technically correct will not always yield the best or most striking result. Sometimes a bad exposure can actually be a good one! There is nothing in the nature photography rulebook stating that we have to record colour, detail or authenticity in our shots. It is our artistic interpretation of the scene or subject that really matters – our images shouldn’t always replicate just what our eyes see. What I am saying is, the perfect exposure is simply one that is faithful to the vision of the photographer when he or she triggers the shutter. Wouldn’t you agree?


High and low-key results are a good example of manipulating exposure for creative effect. By adjusting the overall brightness of a shot, you can dramatically alter the viewer’s perception of the scene or subject.


This workshop is led by PRIYANSHI NAHATA and she will take part of the EDITING as well, so we request everyone to download NX STUDIO (editing software). This is completely FREE of charge.


Time and Date:

10th July 2021

4:00pm to 5:30pm OMAN | UAE

3:00pm to 4:30pm KENYA | QATAR | SAUDI | BAHRAIN | KUWAIT

2:00pm to 3:30pm EGYPT


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