May 21, 2023 03 : 00 PM to 06 : 00 PM


In this class you will learn how to use the equipment, storyboard their films, animate them and finally create a sound track – all in the same day. The films will then be uploaded and available for the young people to watch online and share via their social networks.


From feature films to high fashion advertising, stop motion animation is seeing a surge in popularity. It’s the perfect time to learn some stop motion skills! In this workshop you’ll approach stop motion ideas with the unique possibilities of the medium in mind. Then, you’ll create two short films using your phone camera. This workshop is great for beginners and for anyone who is excited to create tactile animations with real objects.


Join Kimia Shad ( she’s a passionate photographer working professionally in the events field for 6 years.


Stop motion animation is a technique whose secret lies between each frame of the action and it is captured one frame at time, with physical objects that are moved between frames. world of animation is magical and often complex. In this exciting workshop with Nikon School we Will show you how to start your stop-motion project from basic.


What to expect in this workshop

  • We will learn about stop motion animation foundation and techniques
  • Different types of stop-motion animation
  • Basic Principles of animation
  • What software you need
  • How to Create Sound effects for your animation
  • and all you need to create animated video from recommended gear, lightning and editing softwares
  • And some practical exercises


What to bring:

  • Camera
  • Steady tripod
  • Shutter Remote


Time and date:

21st May 2023 | 3pm till 6pm

Location: Nikon School Jafza 19 building

Jebel Ali (Next to UAE metro station),55.0912563,17z/data=!3m2!4b1!5s0x3e5f12800c2515d1:0xfeb0af7864b5d5b6!4m6!3m5!1s0x3e5f0d8017e8cdf3:0x268d017ffe61c91a!8m2!3d24.9839726!4d55.0938312!16s%2Fg%2F11bwgvgny8?authuser=0


Let’s create some magic!

Workshop is not available anymore