September 10, 2023 02 : 00 PM to 05 : 00 PM


How to produce a video?


A video producer coordinates and manages aspects of a video production process from pre to post.

A producer may help with creative direction, setting a budget, writing scripts, organizing logistics,

managing deadlines and communicating with the team each step of the way. The producer needs to be

closely working with the production manager in the progress of the production to make sure the project is progressing as planned.


Join us and learn with BETH CRUZ – A Producer and production manager since 2017. Specializes in corporate production of video and photo. Facilitates and produced videos for private brands such as Nikon, Abbott, The Entertainer, and many governmental entities. Loves and enjoy production set designing. My career started with public relations, marketing and event management.


What to expect:

  • Basic video vocabulary.
  • How to shoot using Nikon gear
  • Pre-Production. – Planning. – Scheduling. – Finding a crew. – Scriptwriting. – Storyboarding. ...
  • Production. – General tips. – Shooting schedule. – Camera. – Lighting. ...
  • Post-Production.


Time and date:

10th Sept, 2023 | 2pm till 5pm



1st floor, CIT 1 & 2 Rove City Center Hotel, Deira

Workshop is not available anymore